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Former machine ( for forming hamburger and nugget and kebab)

The former adds appeal to your food products by perfectly forming any shape of red meat , poultry , seafood, cheese , vegetables and meat replacement products. It featurs a heavy - duty construction for higher volume production.

The eayily interchaneable forming plates guarantee easy and quick product changeover times for the production of flat shapes


  • Completely stainless steel

  • Variable Rounds

  • 50 hits per minute

  • Ability to produce 850 kiloes per hour

  • Paper adder and the placer device (for placing hamburger on each other)


Paper Interleaver

Paper interleaving presents your product attractively simplifies handling and prevents products sticking together paper interleaver can stack interleaved products automitically in 3 varienties of arrangements

  • paper - product - product - product

  • product - papaer - product - paper

  • paper - product - paper - product

Column Loader

The Column Loader raises the loader which is fool of products and its proused in the hopper of former or mixer or grinder


  • The capacity of replacing is 500 Kg

  • Completely stainless steel


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